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Amelie 11 Days Old |Another New Granddaughter

C-Section Delivery

Amelie, our newest grandchild was due to be delivered by c-section. Like all my newborn sessions I planned hers for when she was 9 days old. About 4 days after she was born she had to go back into the hospital as she had lost more than 10% of her body weight. As a newborn photographer I knew that this was quite common so I wasn’t worried. Sure enough the hospital put her on formula and she was gaining weight in no time. Sometimes it just takes a little time for mommy’s breast milk to come in.  The session was postponed for a few days and we photographed her at 11 days old.

Our grandchildren all live far away from us. We packed up the studio and drove the night before to Kent which is 4 hours from us. We stayed the night with my mother-in-law. This gave us the opportunity  to visit the rest of the family including the grandbabies.

We headed to Amelie’s in the morning. It didn’t take me long to set-up a mini studio. After photographing 4 babies in the family I was getting quick at it.

Amelie was perfect during her session. She peacefully went into all the poses and slept the whole time. She was even able to hold herself in the frog pose by herself. Granddad was right there just in case.

Frog Pose

Classic Sleepy PoseamelieamelieAmelie with Dad

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