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Cayla came to her Newborn Session with her Mum.

Cayla came to her newborn session with her mum, Gemma, when she was four weeks old. She was born three weeks early via a c-section, weighing a healthy 6lbs 4 oz.  The first thing you noticed about Cayla was her adorable little face and her head of dark hair. Gemma felt familiar, like an old friend coming to visit. It was wonderful being in the company of another woman after our long year of being in lockdown.

We started her session with the frog pose that all my clients love. The frog pose is where their cute little toes are poking out from behind their elbows, and the hands are under their chin.  Mum helped by holding Cayla in the position keeping her safe for me so that I could take the shots. As you can see from below, the picture is perfect!

I posed and changed outfits for the various newborn poses that I love to take. Cayla was happily sleeping during most of her newborn session.

I love hearing about my client’s life stories and knowing that I am a part of preserving their story through my lens from this moment forward.

Gemma’s Story

Gemma’s story is a beautiful one. One that she has permitted me to share.

When Gemma was young, she always knew that she wanted to be a mother.

When she was in her twenties, Gemma fell pregnant with her first daughter, Clara. Gemma became a mother and loved every minute of being a one.

During the first ten years of Clara’s life, Gemma started a business with her mum. They own Keswick Care which consists of 4 homes located in the Barnsley and Wakefield area.  The organisation is dedicated to giving young people a safe, trusting, warm and happy place to live. What a lovely thing to do for children.

As you can imagine, running a business takes up a lot of time. Gemma felt like she was missing out on Clara growing up. So she started taking her on many holidays to give Clara a full dose of quality time with her. They loved travelling the world discovering new things together. Gemma loved travelling so much that she started another business in 2019. This new venture is called Gem Luxury Travel. This business helps other families spend quality time with their loved ones too.  As you can see, the main aim of Gemma’s business’s is to help people.

IVF Could be the answer

Gemma wanted more children but never met anyone with her busy life, and she loved being a single mum. However, Clara would often ask for a sibling, which got Gemma thinking about IVF to help complete their family. She found a private clinic in Manchester called Manchester Fertility, and after a gruelling round of IVF, she finally had several embryos ready for transplanting.

In 2017 she successfully became pregnant with her second daughter, Crystal, via IVF. Then three years later, in 2020, she became pregnant with Cayla from the same batch of embryos now completing her family.

Life gets a bit crazy running two business and raising three girls, but Gemma wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Gemma was pregnant with Crystal, she had a private scan with Window to the Womb in Doncaster. There she saw my newborn pictures proudly displayed on their walls, but she had already booked in with another photographer. Gemma remembers looking at them in awe, thinking how beautifully I had captured the babies I had photographed. She decided right then and there that she would book me for her next baby. I am so happy that she did as I got to meet this beautiful family.

Words from Gemma,

” When I took Cayla for her newborn session with Kelly, I couldn’t have wished for her to be in better hands. Kelly was amazing, and she really was the baby whisper! Kelly had the room so calm and relaxed that I nearly fell asleep in the chair.”

As the girls were in school during Cayla’s newborn session, they all returned for their family pictures; a few days later. I feel truly blessed to have met this strong independent woman and to have been a part of preserving her memories.

Newborn baby girl wear a with a purple headband with flowers posed in the frog pose on a cream backdrop in a studio in Doncaster. A second picture shows mum with her hands holding her daughter to keep her save.

Cayla at the newborn session

Big sister is holding her new baby sister in her arms on a fluffy white rug during a newborn session in Doncastser.

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