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Eva Ten Days Old

I always get so excited when I hear the news from my clients that their baby has arrived safe and both mum and baby are well. I got the news that Eva was born on January 15th, eight days before her due date. Mum and dad said they were surprised as they weren’t expecting her yet but elated at her safe arrival.

Mum said that she was born with a beautiful head of dark hair, which isn’t a surprise as both mum and dad have dark hair. I couldn’t wait to see for myself at her newborn session.

Eva is their little miracle baby as they had been trying for such a long time to have children. They thought this day would never come even though they prayed for it with such longing. Eva was their final frozen embryo after countless failed attempts at trying to have a baby.

It finally happened; they were pregnant! As their families have been with them through their whole journey of trying to get pregnant, they wanted to share every precious moment with them. One of the most significant of these was finding out the sex of the baby. So the family celebrated by having a gender reveal celebration, revealing that they were having a girl.

Mum contacted me when she was 5 1/2 months pregnant to book her newborn session. She said that she heard so many amazing things about me and that my photos are always stunning. She saw my newborn baby pictures hanging on the walls for First Choice Ultrasound in Doncaster and decided there was no way that she would let me get booked up as she loved my work so much.

I finally meet Eva when she came to her newborn session at ten days old. She was perfect with her head full of dark hair that mum told me about, beautiful skin and weighing a healthy 6 lbs 14 oz.

It was so lovely to see her parent interacting with her. They were tired from sleepless newborn nights but so happy. Mum was a little worried that Eva wouldn’t settle for her newborn session. But with the heartbeat and white noise playing, the room nice and warm, the ambience was perfect for keeping a little one sleeping. All three of them settled in nicely for Eva’s newborn session.

Eva happily slept, letting me change her outfit and her poses throughout her newborn session. From time to time, we would stop for mum to breastfeed and have a little cuddle.

Breastfeed babies usually poo a little on everything when they aren’t wearing a diaper (Nappy). Eva was no exception, and we all had a good laugh about it. Dad was the perfect father by offering to rinse out the little outfits as I continued to photograph his daughter.

The last picture we took was their beautiful family image. To show, that two became three.

Mum said they went straight home afterwards and enjoyed a hot cup of tea and lunch while Eva slept contently, and they contemplated the days’ events with a happy heart.

Eva’s newborn session took place last year, but recently she told me, ” I guess it makes you realise just how amazing what you do for people is. When we look at our photos of Eva that you took, it makes us remember just how lucky we are to have her. You captured her perfectly and even with the rainbow picture. It means so much. And I will forever be grateful for that photo especially. xx”

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