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Ezra 18 Days Old

I have known Ezra’s mum, Ebonni since she was a little girl. She and our youngest daughter, Brittney, are the best of friends.

Ezra was a planned pregnancy for Ebonni & her husband, Matthew. They already had two beautiful girls and wanted a boy to complete their family. An early pregnancy scan revealed that their wish would come true as they were pregnant with a boy who was due at the end of August. They were so ecstatic with the news and shared it with all their family and friends.

Then lockdown happened. As we know, 2020 has been a challenging year for us all, Ebonni’s family included. On top of all her other worries, she started to worry that she wouldn’t have her son’s precious newborn pictures like she had of their two daughters.

We were all so excited and jumping for joy when we came out of lockdown. It was just in time to photograph Ezra’s newborn session. I have had the pleasure and honour of photographing all three of their babies and was so happy that they wouldn’t miss out on their son’s newborn pictures.

We started planning Ezra’s newborn session. We knew that we were working towards the Simple Collection and designed it accordingly. We decided which pictures were the most important – Family, Sibling, Ezra in a prop and then two of him on his own and set a date.

Ezra came to his session when he was 18 days old. He arrived with dad, mum and his two sisters, who were 8 and 4 years old at the time. They were excited about getting their pictures taken with their new baby brother. The youngest was interested in my newborn studio set-up, so I happily explained what things were to her. Who knows, maybe she’ll be a newborn photographer when she grows up like me.

Ezra was perfect during his newborn session at my home studio in Doncaster. We kept the room nice and warm. We fed Ezra his bottle, playing some heartbeat music and used a Lulla-Vibe vibrating mattress pad to keep him asleep. What is that you say? It’s a paddle that vibrates the mattress to make a baby feel like they are in the car or their pram. It works wonders! And as you can see, it worked wonders on Ezra.

Mum and dad now have precious newborn pictures of their son to treasure along with their daughter’s newborn images.

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