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Harrison’s Newborn Session at 9 days old

Before we hear about Harrison’s newborn session at 9 days old let’s start from the beginning.

Harrison’s mum and dad, Lizzie and Luke, are both only children. So they both wanted their children to have siblings to grow up with. Harrison’s parents decided that two children would be perfect for their family. They already had their daughter Holly who I had the pleasure of photographing when she was only a few days old.

Mum and Dad decided that when Holly was two years old that they would start trying for their second child. They thought it would take a little time to conceive, but they became pregnant right away to their delight.

At their 20-week scan that they had at the hospital they found out that they were having a boy. They didn’t mind if they had a boy or a girl as long as they were healthy. But once he was here, it was nice that they had one of each completing their family.

Halfway through Lizzie’s pregnancy with Harrison, we went into our first lockdown. Little did we know how hard lockdown was going to be on all of us. When you’re pregnant, you have a two-year-old toddler, and both you and your husband suddenly have to work full-time from home; it can be a little challenging. But they manage. They even manage through a kitchen renovation—all in time for baby Harrison.

Harrison arrived safely at the end of June, weighing healthy 9 lbs. Dad was there for his son’s birth but soon after had to leave when mum and baby were transferred to the ward where no visitors were allowed.

Harrison’s Newborn Photography Session

Thank goodness lockdown was lifted just in time for Harrison’s newborn session. I was once again honoured that this lovely family chose me to document such a special moment in their life. Harrison arrived on a Sunday morning when he was 9 days old with his mum and dad. He had a head of dark hair like his sister did at that age, but she had a little more. He was such a handsome little guy with lovely full cheeks. I bet those cheeks got a lot of kisses from his grandparents.

Keeping the studio nice and warm, playing heartbeat music and white noise made him so relaxed and content during his newborn photography session. He slept well for the first half then needed a little feed and cuddle with mum. After his lovely cuddle, he happily drifted in and out of sleep, allowing us to get some beautiful pictures of him. Mum was a little concerned when he peed on a few outfits, but I assured her that it happens often and would all wash out. She was surprised as she said that all the outfits and accessories were so immaculate. I have to say that with all the babies that I have photographed, it amazes me that the outfits come so clean. A little bit of fairy liquid is my secret.

Here are a few words from mum.

“Our experience was lovely. You were so softly spoken around our baby with such a calming influence. Nothing was any trouble, and the pictures speak for themselves – absolutely beautiful. We received so many compliments on both Holly and Harrison’s pictures. Thank you so much.”

We will be seeing more of this little guy and his sister as the family will be coming back soon for his sitter session. I can’t wait to see how much they have grown.

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