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Swaddling Sessions

What is it all about?

Swaddling Sessions are a perfect way to record your new baby’s life without booking a full newborn session. The swaddling sessions are about one hour long which is considerably less than a full Newborn Session. During the session wrapping the baby helps to keep them safe and feeling secure . It is my aim to capture your little ones beauty and innocence for you to treasure for a lifetime. 

Decisions decisions !

When it is time to consider running an advertisement or planning a training day. I always ask a previous client first if they would like to take part. This works as a way to say thank you for choosing me in the first place.

What needs to be done?

A number of potential clients approached me with the possibility of offering a lighter version of the popular Newborn Sessions. This would make my work available at a price that would be more affordable to some people. I decided to start offering Swaddling Sessions as a result of this. So, It was now time to design an Advertisement.

The poses for this session had already been determined. The baby would be wrapped up ….swaddled. I needed to do a little shopping for a few new materials to make the wraps. Shopping for newborn props is one of the things I love to do. Sorting through the racks and shelves of the material stores is one of the perks of being a newborn photographer. 

What’s next ?

Before things could proceed I needed to select a beautiful family to take pictures of for my advertisement. I looked through my previous recent sessions and found the Pickles Family. I decided that Melissa, Scott and Ivy would be the ideal candidates. The Pickles family offered to have a session. I was over the moon when they agreed. Ivy was going on 8 weeks old, born 5 1/2 weeks early and was weighing around 6lbs. I knew that she would be perfect for what I was looking for.

The final Advertisement

The Pickles family loved having more priceless images of their daughter to treasure. The pictures obtained are amazing.

So what is the cost?

Although the Swaddling Sessions are not a full Newborn Session, they do however represent great value for money for priceless images. Full pricing and conditions can be found by following this link to the Swaddling Session page

Images of babies wrapped in the swaddling style
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