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Little Harry and His Lovely Family come for a Newborn & Family Session

Maria, Dan & Fred are a lovely family whom I first met in January 2017 when they were setting up their new business – Window to The Womb in Doncaster. We met to discuss having my newborn art work displayed on the walls of their 3D/4D scan clinic. We came to an agreement and before their opening day my work sat proudly on their walls. From that point on a friendship started to build that I treasure today.

Six months later I was so happy to hear their news that their family of three was going to be a family of four before the end of the year. I was over the moon for them and most honoured when they booked in for their newborn session with me.

Harry arrived four weeks early at the beginning of December. Healthy but needing a little help so he stayed in the hospital for a few weeks. Just before Christmas we were all excited that Harry got the “all clear” so we were able to schedule his newborn session.

The first part of a newborn session when there are siblings or a sibling, is taking the family, sibling and dad pictures. This way dad or a family member can take the siblings on a special day out. A newborn session takes hours. Too long for a toddler to stay happy.

Well, I have to say while taking the family pictures Maria & Dan got to see the silly part of me. Or should I say the Grandma part of me? Whatever it takes to get a toddler to smile and be a part of the session is what I do.

And as you can see it worked as we got some Amazing family pictures that will be treasured, enjoyed and shared for generations to come.

Especially the picture of Harry holding Fred. The sweetness of it and that smile just melts your heart.

While mum and I finished with Harry’s newborn session, Dad took Fred on his special day out to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Harry was the perfect little client who slept like a dream. He allowed me to pose him in all those beautiful newborn poses that we all love so much. He looks so adorably handsome in all of his pictures. How could he not with his dark hair and long eyelashes? I love them ALL and so did his parents. They loved them so much that they purchased them all. A great compliment to me.

I decided to have the beautiful picture of Fred holding his brother Harry put on a large canvas to hang on the walls of their clinic so that every day that they are at work they can see their handsome little guys. ❤️

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