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Newborn Baby Francesca | Photographed at 14 Days Old

Newborn Francesca

Antonia arrived with her 14 day old daughter, Francesca, by taxi. her dad had to work that day and having had a c-section Antonia wasn’t allowed to drive yet. I quickly went outside to carry the baby inside as she wasn’t suppose to lift anything heavy. This was my first chance to look at the tiny delicate features of Francesca and my heart melted.

Mum and I had such a wonderful time photographing this little one. She had waited such a long time to have a baby in her arms and she was enjoying every minute. She helped hold Francesca in the frog pose, the one with her head in her hands with her feet behind her elbow. Francesca gave us the most amazing smile ever during the pose. I love how her smile is a little off to the side. So precious.

In one of the pictures, Francesca is snuggled in a blanket made by her 85 year old grandma. What a lovely heirloom for her to have! Antonia is going to have that one framed for her.

When it came time to photograph her in the basket I curled her up in my hands and placed her in.  She looked so small and sweet curled up in all the fur. Then she graced me with a little smile and my heart melted a little more.

Antonia was so happy with the experience of seeing her precious daughter in all the lovely newborn poses that she placed her order right there and then for all  the digital files.

She was coming back with her husband the following week to have family pictures taken when Francesca’s dad was free.

We had a nice little visit while waiting for her taxi to arrive and agreed to meet up for coffee soon.


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