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Theodore | 9 Days Old

Recommended by Window to the Womb

Theodore came to his newborn session with his mum and dad. They had seen my work on the walls of Window to the Womb In Doncaster when they had their 3D/4D scan done with them. WTTW give out Gift Vouchers for Kelly Shaw Photography. The voucher entitles clients to 40% discount on a newborn session booking fee.  I was so glad that his parents booked him in.

Theodore had a cast of the bump made. His parents brought it to photograph him in. When we were corresponding back and forth I asked for a picture of the cast before his session . I needed to know if it was a full cast of mum’s breast and bump like our daughter had done or just the bump. I was happy to see that it was just the bump as I thought it would make a better picture.

Theodore goes back into the cast belly

When they arrived and showed me the cast I thought it looked so small. I secretly wondered how I was going to photograph Theodore in the cast with some fur and still be able to see the cast in the photo. He fitted it perfectly! It was so moving placing him in there that it put a lump in my throat. I know I shouldn’t have been a surprised but I was…….and emotional as he looked amazing. I now want all my mums-to-be to make cast of their bumps.

Theodore is so handsome with his perfect little boys face and a head full of beautiful dark hair. Theodore allowed me to change him into different outfits and move him in the newborn poses. I loved him in the dungarees. The colour really suited him. He even gave me a little smile in one of the photos.  The one where he is in the blue wrap.



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