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Pregnancy Information -Things to do when you find out you’re pregnant

Things to do when you find out you’re pregnant

pregnancy information

Pregnancy Information to Calculate your baby’s due date

There are a lot of simple calculators and small device apps to calculate your due date and updates on their development. An example can be found here.

When Pregnant Book in with your GP

As soon as you can, book an appointment with your GP to start receiving antenatal care from the NHS.

When Pregnant Stop Smoking

If you smoke now is the time to stop. Smoking is harmful to your baby. Quitting is one of the best things you can do for your baby’s health.

When Pregnant Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol during your baby’s development can be harmful.

When Pregnant Slow Down

It’s important to take time for yourself to relax as pregnancy hormones can make you tired while you are building your baby. Read a book, relax in the tub, listen to some music or visit with a friend.

When Pregnant Exercise

Staying active is good for you and your baby. This doesn’t mean that you should join a gym. You can get active by going for walks, dance to your favourite music, take the stairs instead of the lift. If you have other children, take them to the park and play with them.

When Pregnant Eat Healthy

Do not eat for two – You only need around 200 extra calories per day for your growing baby. Eating a healthy and balanced diet during your pregnancy is important for your developing baby. Try to avoid foods that are high in sugar, salt or fat. Find out which foods to avoid. More information can be found here

Prenatal Vitamins

A prenatal supplement that contains daily vitamins and minerals. Folic acid is the most important vitamin to take while you are pregnant. This is a “B” vitamin that cells in your body need for growing and developing.

Managing your early pregnancy symptoms – For me morning sickness was the hardest to deal with. I used to keep crackers by the side of my bed to nibble on which helped. I also learned quickly that the smell of bread would make me sick. Try to keep track of what items make you feel sick and try to avoid them.

Enjoy your pregnancy.

I hope that you have found this article helpful. A lot of additional pregnancy information can be found at Tommy’s

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